Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WRA Letter #8 - June 19, 1862


Tupeloe Mifs June the 19th 1862

Dear Fannie
I wrote to you a few days ago but as I received a letter from you yesterday (which is the second I have recd from you since I left home) I thought I would write a few lines as I have a good opportunity of sending it by hand. I don't believe I feel as well as I did when I wrote several days ago - but I recon it is caused by riding fifteen miles yesterday - it is killing me to ride on horse back - I have had the diarrheah so long my bowels are perfectly sore all the time and pain me a great deal. I have the piles right bad, but don't give your self any uneasynefs about me. I think I will get well after awhile - but I am going to apply for a discharge this evening but I don't know what will be the chance to succeed. I don't want you to make any blowing horn about [it] until you hear how I have succeeded. It is mighty hard work to get a discharge and impossible to get a furlough - you wanted to know how much I would give for a substitute; if I fail to get a discharge, I think I will try to get a substitute but Four hundered dollars is as much as I can give - you must cheer up and not suffer yourself to have the blues - I don't want you to stay at home all the time; you can go to Father's and your Papa's and stay all the time ~ you will forget me entirely before I come back and would sympathize with me here in this sickly country. You wanted to know if I had thrown away my Bible. I have read it a good deal since I left home. I have tried to pray some since I have been sick and I want you to pray for me. Father sent me twenty dollars which was appreciated. Tell Wesley I want him to make me a big crop and take good care of my horses and attend to my hogs well. Kifs Kate and Fann for me and look in the glafs and kifs yourself for me. Write often.

Kate and Fann - his sisters

It is possible he did get home on furlough after 60 days in Mobile, then was drafted.

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