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WRA Letter #4 - April 28, 1862

#10 WRA IV to FLA


Corinth Mifs Apr the 28th 1862

Dear Fannie
Having a few leasure [sic] moments I use them in writing to you to let you know that I am still in the land of the living – we have not been here quite a week and I have not seen much to write to you about – War seems to be the occupation of all. I have not seen a great many troops though they say there is one hundred and sixty thousand Confederate troops at this place – and they are expecting a desperate battle here any day but I don’t profefs [profess] to know anything about it. The officers of our Batalion [sic] have not drilled the men the first time since they left home; I don’t think it will ever be of much service to the Government – As for Maj. Bell I think lefs [less]of him that one man might to think of another. We were six days in getting here and I was sick the whole time but thanks be to heaven I am nearly well now. We got to Mobile at 11 Oclock [sic]one morning and lay over there until the next morning – I rode over about two miles of the place and found it to be a beautiful city. It is perfectly level and the houses are all built of brick. I staid all night at the Battle House and a fine house it is. It is a five story brick house and at least one hundred feet square. I have just got through washing out two pair of socks; they look pretty dingy - -


I don’t think I will stand a camp life well and know I can never enjoy it – This is a low flat lime country and is very rich and sickly I think – the wells are just three or four feet deep and are filled with water level with the top of the ground – Fannie, Father wants you to go down to his house and he will send you backwards and forth to our place, – I think that would be a very good arrangement and I would like very much for you to try it until crops are laid by – If there is no one to spur Wesley up it will take half of my property next winter to pay my debts – My businefs keeps me nearly crazy all the time – If you have not moved Phelix up to yo[ur] Papa’s I would let him stay where he is – and would stay there as much as I could – there are a great many young married men in our company and all of their wives are keeping house except mine – I wrote you the day after we got here but thought I wouldn’t wait to get answer before I wrote again. Please write as soon as you get this and tell me all about how things are going on at our place – and whether you have a little Pitman coming or not – if you have I think it will cure me effectually of the blues – I want you to fix me up another blanket or quilt and send it to me by the first one that comes to our company. Direct your letters to Wm R Anderson Bells Batalion Ala Cavalry Corinth Mifs – nothing more. Give my love to all the family and a accept a double portion yourself –

Your devoted husband
Wm R Anderson

a little Pitman coming– euphemism for being pregnant
now whether it was Fannie he's referring to OR the family cow, one doesn't know!

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