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The Pauline Yates Correspondence IV

The Anderson Letters
The PAULINE YATES Correspondence IV
archive item #25

Pauline Anderson Yates


William Earl Anderson
nephew and Anderson family historian

The PAULINE ANDERSON YATES Correspondence - Letter #4

This is the last letter Aunt Pauline wrote to Billy.
It was written on small stationery paper and enclosed in a legal sized envelope.
The envelope also contained the rest of the Civil War Letters.

Lineville Ala
Dec 10-1969

Dear Earl,--
When I had your last letter I didn't have any idea it would be this long a time before I could write you, but O.B. has been a bed patient since the last of September-and except for the necessities of the house, I haven't been out-not even to church-and I'm a regular attendant when I'm able to go-So please excuse me this time! Tell your dad that OB has hardening of the arteries of the brain and will not be any better, I'm afraid. Sometimes he's very confused-doesn't realize where he is-and wants to go home! Its been rough!! I can't answer the questions now [that you asked], some of them I can't answer at all! But as soon as I can I'll write you again and answer those that I can-
We've had two deaths in our fast diminishing family since I wrote you last. your great Uncle Bob's widow Carrie, died in Atlanta-was buried there-and Jeonette Anderson Whittaker, the author of the letter I enclosed in my last letter to you-she was very close to me-we were the same age and spent our child hood years together - She was my age and we had a lot of memories in common-Earl, I'm enclosing the rest of my fathers letters-some from his wife Fannie-and one from one of his brothers in Virginia-also on a slip of paper-a note from John R. Anderson-grandfather-Be sure to not! some of them are so dim I can't read them-Maybe you can!-I believe you'll find parts of them interesting!!
I'm looking forward to the Christmas card picture of your family-don't fail to send me one! and if you come to West Point for Christmas be sure to ask someone to bring you up to see me-I Want to see you without fail! By the way I gave Bill, your granddad, the old bible-He said he intended to have it rebound. I hope he will give it to you!
Back to the letters-In the note from John R. Anderson he says that "Uncle Ellis is sending you ten dollars by Mr. Grimmet!"-That Ellis was Ellis Carter, Mary Susan's brother-If you refer to your family chart-Later papa named his eldest son for him! Ellis Anderson! Son of his second wife!
Because of space I won't write so long a letter this time-Hope you'll have a very happy Christmas and that all of your family stay well and happy-
Write me when you have time-Specially if you receive the letters-Love from
Aunt Pauline

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