Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WRA Letter #2 - March 23, 1863[2]

#8 WRA II to FLA

Mobile Ala March the 23rd 1863[2]

Dear Fannie
having recd two letter from you one yesterday and one today, I avil myself of this opportunity in writing to you to let you know that I am still living – I have had two severe chills since I have been here but I have got them broke now and doing tolerably well. You said something about giving all we possefs for me to be at home. You are no more anxious for me to come home than I am to get there – and I think when my sixty days are out I will come home and go to Camp Watts for examination and risk being conscripted. Dr. Smith says that he has no idea that I would be recd. if you have not said anything to Father about my proposition in letter of Saturday [March__] you need not mention it as I am determined to undergo an examination before I will go into camp or pay Eighteen hundred dollars for a substitute either.

I might keep in businefs here until these fortifications are finished. I recon by sticking my nose in ever Dutchman’s & Irishman’s sterns that I meet as they are the people that are controlling these works and I am not willing to do that. there are thousands of applicants here for government businefs and it is getting very difficult to find a place to employ them. The general superintendent says he is getting very anxious to get rid of the overseers that came with the Negroes here and get these scamps that live here in this place as he says they would make the Negroes work more than we do. Great deal of sicknefs among the Negroes here. I have had five discharged and then many others will be discharged in a few days. I want the McLain field planted in cotton. Also the cow pen place and an acre and half in the corner of Potts field at the old + [cross]road. Write immediately.
Your affectionate husband

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