Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WRA Letter #5 - May 1, 1862

#12 WRA V to FLA

William R. Anderson to Fannie L Anderson
Response to her letter dated ???
Green ink on white paper, 8" by 5 5/8"
1 sheet, both sides

Corinth Mifs May the 1st 1862
Dear Fannie
I recon when you open this and see who it is from you will think I have gone crazy or have been drunk for the last week, but it is not so – I am here and haven’t much to do and no thing to read therefore I can write often. I have nothing interesting to write but Jimmie Prather will leave tomorrow and I avail myself of ever opportunity of sending a letter by hand as that is saving ten cents – There is still one half of our Batalion on the sick list – one man in our Batalion died yesterday and another this morning – one was an old man and died of measles and inattention the other had a risen in his head – neither of them belonged to our company – I think Dr. Lovelace will attend to our company very well – Thos Grimmett is the only officer that we have that is worth one cent – to convince you the well boys in our company have been out scouting seven days with no officer with them except Lieut [sic] Grimmett, and he came on day before yesterday sick and now our boys are out scouting with no higher officer with them than a corporal – I still insist on your going back to our place and staying there until crops are laid by – you would be of great advantage there – you know Wesley’s mother is very poor and he has the keys to everything – at any rate if you were there I wouldn’t be as near crazy as I am – our little Negroes would fare much better if you were there and I think would make a great deal more produce – It seems to me that you are very slow in writing to me – if you knew how anxious I am to hear from you you would certainly write – you need not think because I am here in camp I have forgotten home – you charged me very particular to write to you – this is the fourth letter I have written to you without receiving the scratch of a pen from you – Write soon and tell me whether you have a Pitman coming – I dream of home every night – Your husband, Wm R Anderson – PS—We will move a mile and a half west of this place this evening –

‘our place’ – just west of JRA’s plantation

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