Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WRA Letter #6 - June 5, 1862

#15 WRA VI to FLA

pencil on blue lined paper

Beauregard’s retreat
25 miles below Corinth
June the 5th 1862

Dear Fannie
Your highly appreciated letter came to hand a few days ago. I was truly glad to hear that you were well and such a good machine to work. I had not read a line from home until the 3rd [?word?] I got five that day one from you two from father & two from Mr. Gibeon Brown. you can guefs [guess] how glad I was to hear from you – you said in your letter that you had written to me last – I have only had the letter that Bill Moseley brought – I lost my box of provision and clothing clear right by the evacuation of Corinth – recon some Yank will have a fine time chewing my tobacco. All the boxes were lost at Corinth came on at the same time that mind did – I was staying in the country twenty miles below Corinth with measles and had been staying there 24 days when our retreat commenced – when I heard that our army was retreating I toddled off south pretty fast. my twenty four days in the country cost me Eighteen dollars but I don’t begrudge the money for I believe I would have died if I had not got at as good a place as I did. I am still in bad health but improving – I have the diarheah all the time and a bad cough. Won’t weigh more that 125 lbs. I have got[ten] to be a perfect baby – I have been sick so long – you know how much I have laughed about people crying – but I cried like a pretty fellow when I got those letters from home. Our company was in skirmish yesterday evening 3rd Lieut Thomas came in last night with a ball in his arm – We think the Yanks have got several of our sick boys – among them was Tom Brooks – I want you to be certain to go back home. I will write soon.
W R Anderson

folded so that address shows:
Mrs Frances Anderson
West Point Geo
care of John R Anderson

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