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The John R. "Jack" Anderson Letters

The Anderson Letters

John Richardson Anderson, Sr.
William Richardson Anderson
8th Confederate Cavalry
his oldest son

--Archive item: #13 JRA,Sr. to WRA

May the 5 1862 Troup Cty – Ga

Deare Son
I received your letter yesterday ~ was glad to here you was better and hope you are well by this time. We are all well at this time = no news but what you had heard – times about the same We have had good deal of rain getting dry now. I have not bin to your place but once since you left. I found Fanny and Mr. Lumpkin their. They seemd to think things was going on pretty well. Fanny said she thought Wesley had bin very careful ~ seem to be well satisfied with his management. I told Fanny to come and stay at my house so she could go over every week ~ she said would as soon as her health improves a little more. Squir Adkerson read your letter ~ took on considerable over your comparison of bells battalion ~ told me to tel you to be sure to write to him give him the particulars tel him know every thing just as you thought to be certain. I will go over to your place as often as I can and do the best we can. They said Brown came over every day or too ~ he had to whip Bil ~ he came over to my house Satterday night Sunday morning and staid until Monday morning hour [ ? ] I never saw him.

May the 9 ~ went over to place yesterday find your crop about as you left it that is you left it in bad order it is stil so. Mr. Miller thought we had better turn out some of the poorest land ~ I will go over again next Tuesday and have Brown and Mr. Miller present ~ we will do what we think best. I went to your crib ~ you have about 20 barrels of corn ~ sent Wesley to see how much meat 8 hams 6 sides ~ carr[i]ed 4 sides to Lumpkins ~ I think he must have heard I offerd to take Fanny and the little Negro for nothing. Wesley was goin up 2 days to carry 4 pieces meat with wagon 2 horses out of the place = Jim & Nick sent home their trunk full off blankets yarn clothing. I will send you a blanket the first chance we have. If you need any thing write to me. Every thing seling high ~ I bought a barrel of sirrup the other [day] for 43 dollars. If I had not spoke as soon as I did it would have corst 55 ~ paid for it in bacon at 33 cents and lard at 32. ~ corn worth 120 cents wheat worth from 2 to 2.50 per bushel

I want heare from Bil Wallace whether he was in the retreat how many lost their hats tel Bil I thought he would fight / Bill Moseley & Jack Ward landed home safe I understood Bil injurd his horse badly in his flight / I went to se your hogs they look only tolerable / seem/am (?) try to live pray[er]ful so nomore (?) remain your effectionnate farther
Mr. B[rown] was offerd 250 dollars ^for colt^ asking 300 and expect to get it

write soon

--Archive item: #3 JRA,Sr. to WRA

B/B ink on white lines paper ___x___

portion of letter from JRA (father) to WRA, probably enclosed in a letter FLA wrote

…sends you a pare [sic] of pants write soon Gaines Slaughte died to day abought eleven oclock he never has bin well a day since he had the measles took a chil last Friday died to day Wednesday

Received a letter from John Hill says I must come after Nick he is not able to come by himself James was well and not hurt the 4 of July*** so no more at present re your uncle Ellis sends you ten dollars by Thos Grimmet

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